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Many people are unsure what a sales funnel really is.  It is true that this abstract term can be confusing, especially as the marketing industry is constantly in flux.  At one time, marketing was difficult to measure as it was done without the internet, using such tools as newspapers, flyers, tv ads, and radio.  Nowadays, the internet has changed everything. 


To make it simple, imagine a sales funnel is like going to a party full of people... some you know and some you don't know.  But as each person appears and talks, you are either more interested in getting to know them and spend some time with them, or less interested.  You may have heard the expression 'warming up' to someone as you get to know them.  Sometimes, during the course of spending time with a person, they may say something that either makes you disbelieve them or be offended by them and so you lose interest and make a polite getaway...  That social exclusion can actually feel cold.


sales funnel degrees.png

A sales funnel is exactly like that, right at the top it is cold and in the middle it is warm and right at the bottom, when some type of commitment is usually made - is it hot.  So... as each brand appears (perhaps you see an advert on Facebook), the message that brand sends to you by what they say or their use of design is either more interesting or less interesting.  If it is more interesting, you may decide to visit their website and learn more... maybe fill out a form or two so that you can be in regular contact with that brand (you are now part of the warm audience).  However, if they say something that you disbelieve, or don't like, in all likelihood you will lose interest in them (you become a cold audience). 


If you are one of those people who have purchased something recently because of an online ad, you probably became part of a sales funnel without even realizing it.  You purchased something because you believed in the value of the item and you trusted the brand (you made a commitment whilst in the hot area of their sales funnel).

So, what sales funnels are you using?  The most important one is your website!  Is your website out of date?  Does it appear on mobile phones properly.  More than 50% of people are using their phones nowadays to browse the internet.  It's really important to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing rules in order to be seen!  Did you know that if your website is not properly optimized, Google will push your website down on the search engine results pages...  Your website literally won't be seen!

Top 5 Rules to Ensure Your Website is Seen in the SERPs

1. Optimize for Mobile Viewing

2. Secure your website with a SSL Certificate

3. Use a consistent business telephone and address

4. Encourage reviews

5. Focus on valuable content

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